Entry #5

NEW cartoons I'm going to be releasing!

2017-03-04 10:13:26 by Ex-Poser

Woah, what a year of lounging about and doing completely nothing! Although, now, with a fresh new start of the year (March) I will be releasing a smorgasbord of cartoons in which I "think" you'll hopefully enjoy! Here's a list consisting of which cartoons I'll be releasing in order.

1# The mr. Dink reanimated collab cartoon!


The first animation to be released (IN JUST TWO MORE DAYS) is a collaboration comprised of myself and various other marvelous animators from the animation group NewWave created and managed by UrbanTowel. Although this will only be a 12 second long clip, it's totally traditional animation and has as much expression and insanity then all other cartoons I've created combined.


2# The adventure time animation



This has taken a while to get through with a lot of delays, but with some awesome voice actors and a most characters and backgrounds finished this crazy adventure time animation will be born.




OH BOY SO MUCH VOILENCE AND CHAOS! Just what the doctor ordered. I'm very excited to release this in just a while longer. This original has to be a little secret so as to not give anyone else the idea (because it may take some time before it's completely finished). BUT, what I will tell you is there is going to be a lot of cool ass top of the mill fight scenes, oh goody


So hopefully this small little update wet your mouth hole. I'm excited to get all of these finished, polished and uploaded as soon as I possibly can, before another lousy year speeds passes me and I'm a transparent husk once more. Until then you can follow my twitter for even more updates and animatics on all of these projects. 




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2017-03-04 10:23:51

These all look like things that are worth watching...

Ex-Poser responds:

Thanks Zornuskull, hopefully I can successfully pull them off!


2017-03-04 14:27:28

Looking forward to it all lover! <3

Ex-Poser responds:

<3 ;)


2017-03-04 16:41:55

Looks great!
Feel free to contact me should you need anymore voice actors!

Thanks :)

Ex-Poser responds:

Hey ATheatricalSongBird, your stuff is great, I definitely will keep you in mind!


2017-03-05 11:24:51

That secret project looks amazing.

Ex-Poser responds:

Will I scrap it? Will it simply be an april fools joke? Will I actually release it? Find out, after these messages.