Woah, what a year of lounging about and doing completely nothing! Although, now, with a fresh new start of the year (March) I will be releasing a smorgasbord of cartoons in which I "think" you'll hopefully enjoy! Here's a list consisting of which cartoons I'll be releasing in order.

1# The mr. Dink reanimated collab cartoon!


The first animation to be released (IN JUST TWO MORE DAYS) is a collaboration comprised of myself and various other marvelous animators from the animation group NewWave created and managed by UrbanTowel. Although this will only be a 12 second long clip, it's totally traditional animation and has as much expression and insanity then all other cartoons I've created combined.


2# The adventure time animation



This has taken a while to get through with a lot of delays, but with some awesome voice actors and a most characters and backgrounds finished this crazy adventure time animation will be born.




OH BOY SO MUCH VOILENCE AND CHAOS! Just what the doctor ordered. I'm very excited to release this in just a while longer. This original has to be a little secret so as to not give anyone else the idea (because it may take some time before it's completely finished). BUT, what I will tell you is there is going to be a lot of cool ass top of the mill fight scenes, oh goody


So hopefully this small little update wet your mouth hole. I'm excited to get all of these finished, polished and uploaded as soon as I possibly can, before another lousy year speeds passes me and I'm a transparent husk once more. Until then you can follow my twitter for even more updates and animatics on all of these projects. 




Hey guys. Man, it's been a while. There's been a lot of projects I've been clumsily juggling over the past few months, one of those being an adventure time animation that I've been producing. The scenes and characters have all been planned, drawn and are ready to be put into motion (animated). The only thing that my voice cannot conquer however, is Finn and Jake's.

So, I'm looking for those who have the right equipment and vocals to match that of the characters, even if it isn't entirely dead on. There will, as always, be a lot of panicking/ screaming involved, so expect that to be in the script.

Please keep in mind and understand that I can not pay those who are interested. This project, for the most part is an entirely fun and silly animation that will likely not rake in any profit. So agreeing to lend vocals will unfortunately be for entertainment purposes.

However don't think you won't get a mention. You're name and channel will be provided in the end of the credits and in the description of the video. Cliche? Yes, and I am sorry for any inconvience, however please understand that this is the best I can possibly do for the time being.

So if anyone is interested, have a good quality mic and vocal pipes for the job, please give me a private message and a voice impression of either Finn or Jake by the 7th of september. Thanks!



Here are some preview pictures of it so far. (Likely to change)


It's ok. It's nothing new or interesting. If you have read reviews you'll probably hear it's basically a New hope redone with different characters. I thought they could've put it together a lot better and gone into a lot more depth and drama with most of the scenes. Sometimes, it doesn't show what happens to some of the most anticipated characters that you want to know about, and you get annoyed wondering what's happened to them, it's all a mystery until the sequel is released.

I felt like instead of professional story telling they simply focused on trying to revive the franchise, and chose a familiar story to number 4 because they were careful to not "dissapoint" fans, instead of taking it into a totally different direction. Don't get me wrong I'm the biggest Star Wars nut out there but I didn't find this one extremely appealing.The ending was a bit watered down, but I think there is a lot more improvement, progress and explaining to be done with number 8. 

I feel like "The force awakening" is like the halo 4 of the franchise. But hey I thought it was Ok.


What do you think?


I'm BACK! .. Again?

2015-11-27 08:05:09 by Ex-Poser

Far out. I can't believe how quick the year actually went without even uploading a single thing until now. My production has been a little sloppy over the period of time that I've been away. I've gotten a new job being a brick layers labourer (which sucks), meaning that for most of the day I'm at work, so animations never really get finished.

However in the time that I've been away I haven't been doing absolutely nothing. I've been working on three projects, two huge ones, all at the same time. I don't think one will ever be completed so it's up to the two to get finished. Uncle Gwandpa dragged on for months because I really lost interest in it, (and animating) because, really, who would want to constantly draw Uncle Grandpa's complicated face over and over? Not me for sure. However I've taken my roll as an animator a lot more seriously after I finally finished and uploaded it. You have no idea how much enthusiasm I get after an animation is finished, especially the U.G one.

So, I know I've said this all before (in my last post), but please, bare with me. More cartoons are on the way, crazier and more colourfully seizure inducing than the last.5229017_144862948433_Exposer.jpg

I'm BACK on NewGrounds!

2014-12-04 20:16:47 by Ex-Poser


For those who care, I'm now officially back in action on newgrounds. My last account "azabazacaza" unfortunetly crumbled and became nothing more than an abandoned account full of unproffesional and at times sloppy animations. Now however I've returned with new and improved animation techniques, ideas and skills that will help not only entertain, but to make you think, laugh and cry. 

So stay tuned! There are BIG projects that await, and I mean huge... Like humungously  massive.